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Modern Furniture is here to Woo You

Blowing the Winds of Change
There have been many influences that spurred the modernization movement. In fact, it had come about with an evolution as well as revolution. One major revolution came about when a German architect cast away the old classical style of architecture that was prevalent during that time of the 19th century and sent shockwaves around. The product was an example of genuine functionality minus the show-off. It was like a clean shaven person clad in a plain T-shirt and jeans shouting his importance in a society of bearded, bejewelled and robed kings. The new product that was termed as Modern demonstrated that ‘form follows function’ and this appealed the masses also as it became cost effective when there is no extra unnecessary ornamentation.

The trend picked up fast though with some criticism and subsequently, has influenced the fields of art and design also. Thus, Furniture has become more refined and defined and now takes the form of Modern Furniture. If an element on a piece of furniture has a purpose, it is there, if not, it is removed. Exotic patterns, motifs and carvings have replaced by purely functional elements. It reflects the idea “live for need, not for greed” and thus comes into existence Modern Home Furniture. This Modern Furniture is faster to manufacture, affordable and above all, functional.

New Materials Replacing the Old
With the industrial revolution, the traditional material have been shun and now replaced with durable, sturdy and cost-effective materials.
• Handmade wooden furniture and hand woven fabrics have been replaced by materials like iron, steel and glass.
• Plywood is the new wood. Solid heavy wood is replaced by plywood.

With machines able to produce products at a cheaper cost and lesser time as compared to hand made products the Modern Furniture and especially the Modern Home Furniture has come with the added zing.

Benefits of new materials
• light-weight
• easy to handle
• easy to accommodate in less space

The use of new material has made furniture light weight and portable. The major attraction of Modern Furniture is that it is totally different from its ancestors in terms of materials, technology and design. With plastics and metal introduced in the furniture industry, today there are thousands of choices available and it is often confusing and mystifying to choose one. Today, we even have furniture from paper, cardboard and concrete.

Insulating you garage

You recently bought a house that has a bedroom addition above the
garage but it is not insulated. Adding insulation should make those
rooms more comfortable and save on energy bills. There are several
options for insulating above the garage. Depending on the local
building codes, the size of the area, whether you decide to hire a
professional or do it yourself and maybe the most important
factor is your budget.

If you have a sheet rocked garage, the fastest way would be to have
blown-in insulation installed behind the sheetrock. A fair warning
here, the blown-in insulation may be expensive if your garage
is small. If your garage is not sheet rocked you have to install
lame-spread rated batt insulation and cover it with sheetrock. First check
your local building codes for the requirements of the thickness of the
sheetrock for garages including fire safety rules. The lack of smoke detectors in
a garage and the possible storage of flammable and combustible
liquids can cause a garage to be considered a hazardous space. This is
the reason why you should contact a local contractor to help you
in insulating this space.

Garage storing – shelves

A garage is the perfect home for all sorts of items and activities
from storing sporting equipment to tools and machines; and
it’s original purpose for car parking to activities like a home-office,
a gym or a workshop. If your garage is only used for storage rather than
other activities it really needs some shelves for organization.

Usually garage shelves can be found in two main forms: site-built
and prefabricated. Site-built shelves are usually less expensive and
allow you to adapt the sizes to the space available. You can find
everything that you need at the local home center, lumber yard,
discount store or hardware store.

One of the basics of the garage shelves is made of a simple piece of
¾” plywood or a length of 1x or 2x lumber on a set of heavy-duty
shelf brackets. This is mounted by attaching the brackets to the
studs directly using long screws then by attaching the shelf to the
brackets. To strengthen the shelf you can add a brace at each stud.

Another type of shelves are the floor-supported ones. One method
is to run vertical 2x4s every 50 inches and resting them on the
floor and attaching them to the rafters or ceiling joists at the top. In
addition, the 2x4s are run horizontally on edge between the
uprights then a particleboard is used to create the shelve. The most
commonly used dimensions are 19-25 inches for depth and the spacing
between 2x4s is usually on 25 inches but of course, these sizes can
be changed to accommodate the size of the items that you are

For storing small items you should take into consideration the
space between the studs. By attaching a series of 1×2 strips
horizontally to the inside edges of two adjacent studs
approximately 6 inches apart, cutting some 1×4 and 1×6 pieces of
lumber and fitting them between studs and slipping them on top of
the 1x2s you can create some small adjustable shelves. These are
great for jars, cans and bottles and also for other small and light
items. The small shelves are great for organizing and storing screws
and nails.

The best choice when building prefabricated garage shelves is
Steel shelving. Plastic shelving may be enough for storing light
Weight items but in time you may need something more
resistant for storing heavier items. One disadvantage of the steel
shelving is that they cannot be cut to size so they have standard
widths, depths and heights so you have to choose something that
fits within your available space.

Adjustability is another important consideration in prefabricated
shelving. Prefabricated shelves should be adjustable to at least two
different locations within the shelving framework and also the pins
for adjusting should be heavy duty and should have something in place
for preventing them from working loose or becoming accidentally

A Table In Waxed Concrete Design To Your Reach

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Garage facelift

You would probably ask yourself why do you need a facelift for
your garage. It is only a garage! But what if you have a
two or more cars garage? The garage doors take up a
significant portion of the front of the house. What is the use in
having a great design for your house but having only generic
garage doors?

Nowadays the garage door trends are to incorporate the doors
into the design of the house. For example you could choose
carriage-style doors(look like they open like old-fashioned
doors in carriage houses, but they open like normal garage
doors) or you could choose wood carriage doors. These wood
carriage doors are reminiscences of the horse-drawn carriage days
and they are very popular. You don’t need to go as far as to
order custom made garage doors because you can find more
appealing garage doors at most home improvement stores.

In addition to the doors, the floor of a garage gives style and can
integrate to the overall aesthetics of your house. You could try
interlocking garage floor tiles that come in multiple colors and
patterns. They are made of polypropylene and are easy to
install and clean. Another interesting and practical flooring is the
coin shaped G-flooring.

Garage spring cleanup

Imagine a beautiful spring day. You want to go biking, go
fishing or even enjoy a picnic with your family. When you
enter your garage to gather your gear and head to having
fun you have a tremendous surprise: your stuff is all over
the place, on the floor, messed up in corners, misplaced in
various drawers. Organizing your garage is as easy as
figuring out where to start. The first thing is to purchase some
cabinets, some shelves and hammer a series of nails into
the walls.

The storing and sorting goes as follows. Categorize each
object and place it in a place specially designed for it. For
example sporting gear should be placed in a cabinet or on
some shelves, tools should be placed in drawers or hung on
to some peg boards. Be ruthless about throwing away and
don’t think twice before you throw away anything
that you haven’t used recently or anything that’s broken.
If you haven’t repaired it yet, chances are you won’t repair it.
Seasonal gear should also be sorted, boots and out-of-
season coats should be organized in small closets.

After you finish organizing, sorting and throwing away
unwanted items you will be surprised to see your garage
floor and corners again. Maybe your car will fit in the
garage again.