Design Ideas for Contemporary Furniture

In this era of mass produced industrial goods, people easily get bored with brand new items as soon as they buy them. This is because `there is a very thin line between originality and newness. That’s why if you want to purchase a product that can stand the test of time, you need to go an extra mile and factor some element of design and style. More so when it comes to furniture that you interact with on a daily basis; you need to acquire items that will interest you not just at the point of sale but for many years to come. For this reason you can look for some classical designs like Bauhaus. Bauhaus furniture focuses on design that appeals to your innermost artistic character and supposed to remain so for many years to come.

Bauhaus design and craftsmanship owes its class, technique to the Bauhaus school of arts and design that was founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany. This school majors in crafts and fine arts and greatly emphasizes the philosophy of creating harmony between function and design in all forms of manufactured goods and items. Furniture design inspired from this school of employs the use of simple of items such as steel, glass, plastic, leather and bent wood to develop various types and designs. And this design also produces all manner of house furniture from Chairs, tables, wall units, coffee tables, beds and dressing tables can be found in this school of design.

Beyond the point of design, there is another element that does not factor the furniture appearance but also their layout in the final placement within the home.

Contemporary furniture design and layout ideas

Space and balance

When it comes to space and balance, you need to provide people with the necessary room to move about while at the same time balancing furniture so that there isn’t overcrowding on different areas of the room. Achieving this balance requires both imagination and interior decor ideas. If you are the minimalist type of individual that prefers huge areas of space, then Bauhaus furniture should be your choice. Their designs are minimalist through the use of steel, plastic and glass that are used to produce light and functional furniture like the cantilever chair, Wassily chair and a number of simple standalone items.


These include items like vases, lamp stands, frames, potted plants and other items used in interior decor. When it comes to placing different types of accessories in the living room, you should distribute them in a manner that they don’t create the appearance of clutter.

Use of wall color and lighting

Wall color and lighting are not actually part of the contemporary furniture but are great enhancers to the final appearance of the furniture layout. Wall color specifically contributes to depth and mood of the home. Therefore you can be a little explorative and just go beyond the ordinary white or beige colors. Of course you should consult with an interior décor specialist to get the appropriate colors.