Modern Furniture is here to Woo You

Blowing the Winds of Change
There have been many influences that spurred the modernization movement. In fact, it had come about with an evolution as well as revolution. One major revolution came about when a German architect cast away the old classical style of architecture that was prevalent during that time of the 19th century and sent shockwaves around. The product was an example of genuine functionality minus the show-off. It was like a clean shaven person clad in a plain T-shirt and jeans shouting his importance in a society of bearded, bejewelled and robed kings. The new product that was termed as Modern demonstrated that ‘form follows function’ and this appealed the masses also as it became cost effective when there is no extra unnecessary ornamentation.

The trend picked up fast though with some criticism and subsequently, has influenced the fields of art and design also. Thus, Furniture has become more refined and defined and now takes the form of Modern Furniture. If an element on a piece of furniture has a purpose, it is there, if not, it is removed. Exotic patterns, motifs and carvings have replaced by purely functional elements. It reflects the idea “live for need, not for greed” and thus comes into existence Modern Home Furniture. This Modern Furniture is faster to manufacture, affordable and above all, functional.

New Materials Replacing the Old
With the industrial revolution, the traditional material have been shun and now replaced with durable, sturdy and cost-effective materials.
• Handmade wooden furniture and hand woven fabrics have been replaced by materials like iron, steel and glass.
• Plywood is the new wood. Solid heavy wood is replaced by plywood.

With machines able to produce products at a cheaper cost and lesser time as compared to hand made products the Modern Furniture and especially the Modern Home Furniture has come with the added zing.

Benefits of new materials
• light-weight
• easy to handle
• easy to accommodate in less space

The use of new material has made furniture light weight and portable. The major attraction of Modern Furniture is that it is totally different from its ancestors in terms of materials, technology and design. With plastics and metal introduced in the furniture industry, today there are thousands of choices available and it is often confusing and mystifying to choose one. Today, we even have furniture from paper, cardboard and concrete.